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How it Works?
LR Cyber Security Training Module a structured program aimed at strengthening the weakest link in a company’s cyber security setup – the employee. Over 90% of all enterprise cyber breaches occur because of an unsuspecting employee not being aware of the basic steps of prevention. Educating them and making sure they recognize signs of a cyber-attack helps in thwarting it - even before it happens. We use a proprietary four step closed loop process.
Step 1. Educate
Video-based online modules are designed for easy assimilation by employees. These lessons have been designed by experts in the field and walk trainees through each lesson while highlighting important notes on each slide. The lessons are split into small chunks that make it easy to assimilate and remember.
Our courses start off at a very basic level and progressively increase in complexity as the trainee gains knowledge
Step 2. Track:
Our admin dashboard metrics make it easy for you to track the progress of all of your employees' cybersecurity education. Periodic reminders are sent via email to make sure employees are on track and complete their courses in a specified period.
Step 3. Test:
At the end of each lesson there are quizzes with true/false and multiple choice questions. Certificates of completion are issued once all tests are passed.
Simulated Attacks
Step 4. Simulated Attacks:
During and after the training we send out emails with dubious links and attachments. If an employee clicks on these we capture the relevant information and report it on our metric dashboard. Once we conduct a series of these attacks the awareness of what an attack looks like is further drilled into each trainee.
End User Cyber Security Awareness training program can include the following courses and many more:
  • Top 10 hacking methods
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Ransomware Awareness
  • Spyware Awareness
  • 10 Important Data Security Measures
  • Cyber Security - Detailed view
  • Password protection and encryption
  • How to secure Microsoft Office
  • Mobile devices security and precaution
  • Home computing best practices
  • Defending your perimeter
  • Streaming Video: The Rewards & The Risks
  • Social Media - Secure your personal Information
  • Dark Web - How does it affect you
  • Top 10 security tips for Road Warriors
The ultimate learning platform includes unlimited content, courses, group training, certificates, and reporting. This ensures a successful and fun corporate training experience with-out breaking the bank.
Which of these training modules does your organization need?
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